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Immigration Visas for USA
US Visa & Immigration Popular Issues

Ways to Send Money Abroad

We compare bank transfers, money orders, and the various international money transfer services.

US Immigration Forms

Download the latest forms, with detailed instructions about how and where to file, and the filing locations and fees.

Pay for School - Financial Aid

As a foreign or international student, you must be able to pay for school in order to obtain a visa for admissions to study at a US college.

Renew My Expiring Green Card

Maintain evidence of your permanent resident status, and avoid difficulties with employment, benefits and re-entry into the US.
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Types of US Health Insurance
Learn how to choose and purchase the best policy.
Choosing a US Health Plan
Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record
Shows when your authorized stay in the USA expires.
File to Extend Stay in US
US Visas
Adjust Status to Obtain Green Card While Already in USA
Adjust Status to Green Card (US Permanent Resident)
How to obtain a Green Card while already in the USA.
Guides to mortgages and filing lender complaints
How to Establish Credit (Credit History, Credit Cards)
How to Apply for a Social Security Number
You need a SSN to obtain a job in the US and collect Social Security benefits...
Compare Bank Account Features
Compare US Bank Account Features
Such as interest rates, compounding frequency, fees, withdrawal limits, waiting periods...
Financial Aid for International Students
Financial Aid for International Students
Are you eligible for a scholarship to a US college or university?
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A Service of  A Service of The National Association of Foreign-Born
The National Association of Foreign-Born