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US Educational Advising Centers in Your Country: Study in USA

Study in the US: Guide for International Students in USA

US Educational Advising Centers Study in the USA

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Chances are, there are good resources available in your own country to help you study in the United States.

US Educational Advising Centers

A network of US Educational Advising / Information Centers exists around the world to help prospective international students with questions about studying at schools in the United States. These US Educational Advising Centers operate libraries and other reference facilities that provide US educational information. To find contact information for these centers, please select your region from the list below.

In addition, you may find help by contacting a Fulbright Commission or Foundation in your country. These organizations are bi-national, non-profit organizations that are established for the purpose of carrying out the Fulbright Program, which is a foreign exchange program for graduate study, teaching, or advanced research in the USA. Even if you are not interested in this program, the office in your country may have additional resources to help you, or they may be able to direct you to additional resources in your country.

US Consulates

Among the functions of US Consulates abroad is issuing student visas. There is no way to obtain a student visa without first seeing a US consular official (either at a US Embassy or a separate Consulate or Consulate General). These are the persons who make many of the decisions, and process the documents, that will either permit you to study in the US or deny you the chance. It is a good idea to contact your nearest U.S. Consulate to ask questions or locate information.

Schools or Agencies in Your Country

You may also want to consult academic exchange offices of schools in your country, or officials of your country's educational agencies. For a start, see World Wide Colleges & Universities.

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